Sliding sash windows are the perfect window replacements for heritage homes…

Despite their traditional look, sliding sash windows are not only found on traditional homes, but they will also look flawless on modern properties too. In addition to their vertical opening, they can also be tilted inwards, making them easier to clean and vary ventilation. Their styling is undeniably traditional as they feature an elegant, sculptured frame, bead and classical Georgian bars.

UPVC Sash Windows

Our sliding sash windows have two sashes that slide up and down, independently from each other.

Traditionally, you might expect sliding sash windows to be made of timber. However, at Budget Windows, we manufacture them out of UPVC and aluminium so they are long-lasting, easier to clean and have upgraded weather-resistance. They are truly perfect for modern homeowners.

UPVC Sash Windows
UPVC Sash Windows
Do your sash windows have protection?

Sash windows may have been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean they can’t meet the high standards of performance that more modern styles meet. Our UPVC sash window design has been modified to ensure they are incredibly secure for modern homeowners.

  • Enhanced security with centre VAULTBOLT and multi cam locking technology.
  • Enhanced durability with UNIQUE superglide gearbox ensures smooth operation.
  • Enhanced COMPRESSION and acoustics with interlocking hinge bolts and optimum weatherseals.

Sliding Sash Frame

Available in welded joints with 45-degree corner welds for a smooth, sleeker finish and mechanical joints to take the design to another level, the 90-degree welds give a more traditional sash window finish.

Ultimate Glass

High performance next generation glass for superb energy efficiency. With acoustic glass to block out the sound of a bust neighbourhood, or patterned privacy glass for a bathroom, we’ll have the perfect solution for you.

Sliding Sash Locking

Secured using a snail cam that is fitted to the top face of the sash. By turning the lever, the cam is released from its keep, giving you the option of either a key-locking or non-locking system.

Sliding Sash Handles

Our handles come in a range of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

Weather Proofing

Wool pipe strips that provide an excellent layer of defence against the elements. Available with colour-matching wool pile to ensure that every detail of you window matches perfectly.

Versatile Design

As standard, our Sliding Sash Window also comes with a slide and tilt facility, allowing you to clean both the top and bottom sash from inside your home.
You’ll love our energy efficient sash windows…

Investing in new windows is a long-term solution to the high cost of energy. Our solar control glazing harnesses warmth from the sun while also stopping heat from inside the home escaping through the frames.

Not only will your home feel warmer during winter, but your energy bills should decrease as you use your heating less and less.

UPVC Sash Windows
UPVC Sash Windows
UPVC Sash Windows


Deciding on which style of windows is just the first step in getting your perfect windows installed. You’ll also need to choose the colour finish, glazing and hardware to complete the design.

You’ll be blown away by our mixture of colour finishes…

Our UPVC sash windows can be finished in any colour you like, so if you want to branch out from white windows, you’re in the right place. We have a wide range of on-trend and fashionable finishes such as Grey, Chartwell Green and Irish Oak. We do of course have classic white and other traditional looking finishes too. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it at Budget Windows.

Style and privacy come together…

When it comes to replacing your windows, don’t let the glazing be an afterthought. You will need to decide how much visibility you will want to achieve. If you are replacing a full set of windows in your home, you may choose clear glass for the majority of your windows and privacy glazing for the bathrooms. Whether you choose privacy or clear glazing, our solar control glazing will be easy to clean and make your home more thermally efficient.

Incredibly secure handles…

You’ll be surprised just how much of a difference your chosen handle can make to the look of the sash windows, so it is important you choose wisely. Fortunately for Budget Windows customers, you’ll find both classic and quirky styles available.

We guarantee your sash windows will remain securely closed when fastened due to the highly engineered locking system within the handles.


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