Our UPVC flush windows preserve the original style of timber flush windows, however they are far more low maintenance.

UPVC flush windows are often chosen for heritage homes and properties located in conservation areas as they mimic the authentic flush windows that were popular in the late Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian eras. However, they can look just as at home on a modern property.

While flush windows were traditionally made from timber, UPVC is a much more practical material. The simple lines and flush appearance are still the same, but they benefit from being easy to care for with upgraded weather-resistance, security and thermal efficiency. They can also be finished in a number of colours with the option of woodgrain finishes to successfully replicate the timber windows of the past.

Grey Envisage Flush Windows

Due to the adaptability of the flush design, the windows are favoured for every style of property in the North East, from rustic homes to modern, minimalistic properties.

When it comes to our UPVC flush windows, there isn’t one size fits all. You can choose to style your windows in a way that brings character to your specific home, finding the perfect handles and other necessary hardware to complement it.

Oak Envisage Flush Windows
Grey Envisage Flush Windows
About our Flush Windows

You should have total faith in our flush windows from the perspective of security as our much heralded ‘Secure It’ locking system is built into the design. Our patented ‘Secure It’ locking mechanism is super reliable.

To find out more about the many features of our flush windows, click on the hotspots opposite.

Secure Locking

Featuring our robust shootbolt envisage locking system, you can rest assured you Envisage window will keep you home and family protected from the threat of break-ins.

Quality Glass

Draughts and cold spots are a thing of the past. We’ve used smart design and high-performance next generation glass to guarantee your warmth and comfort. So, all you need to worry about is which style and colour to choose.

Robust Frame

Appealing to the perfectionist in you, the perfectly balanced symmetrical panes make for a clean, flush and minimalist finish. Multiple astragal bars allow you to create a design that’s ideally suited for traditional properties.

Secure Hinges

Easy-clean Friction Stay Hinges with smooth operation and anti-crowbar technology to prevent would-be intruders from accessing your home.

Premium Handles

Whether you’re matching handles to a modern new-build or a traditional cottage property, you’ll find the Envisage hardware range is well positioned to meet even the most unique of needs.

Generate warmth from the sun…

The window unit is filled with an inert gas and warm-edge spacer bar to generate a thermal barrier between the indoors and outdoors. Your choice of glass will determine how the window delivers on the thermal front, so use the expertise of our consultants to find the right sort of glazing for flush windows.

Oak Envisage Flush Windows


You need to accessorise your flush window to give the design those all-important finishing touches. This includes finding your ideal colour finish, hardware and glazing type. Take your time making your decision.

Colours to suit every house in the North East & Cumbria…

First impressions really count, and nowhere more than at home. So that your flush windows create a positive stir, make the most of our extensive colour palette. It includes the usual whites and blacks, as well as bold reds and blues. To help your windows resemble traditional timber windows even more than they do so already, check out our woodgrain effects. Available in Walnut, Oak and Rosewood, they’re the next best thing to original woodgrains.

You have the pick of clear or privacy glass…

Due to advanced technology, we have incorporated invisible coatings into our glass to maintain the thermal efficiency of our flush windows. The sealed units have been filled with gases and spacers to form a thermal barrier between the warmth you want to keep in your home and the cold on the outside. If you have any questions about our energy efficient glazing, speak to a Budget Windows advisor.

The Envisage range comes with a very credible suite of hardware...

It’s not just the accurate lines and proportions of an flush window that help it so closely resemble a traditional flush casement. The hardware affixed to the window is equally exact, with each available handle and hinge being meticulously fashioned and modelled on original flush casement hardware by our master crafts persons.

Budget Windows Range

Choose from our Gold range featuring, A+ Optima, British made with a bevelled or scultptured profile and available in our full range of colours with our premium 9 point locking systems.  Or you can choose our Silver range with A rated glazing with rail locking mechanisms with a choice of handle colours or our budget Bronze range available as a C rated window available in white with durable Espagnolette lock with smooth operation and enhanced security.

Gold Window range with 20 year guarantee
  • FRAME - A+ Optima, British made, steel reinforced (if required), bevelled or scultptured profile.
  • STYLE - Extreme casement or Envisage flush.
  • COLOUR - Full colour range available.
  • GLASS - A+ rated glazing.
  • SECURITY - Meets PAS24 and Secured by Design, the police-backed security standard.
  • LOCK - Extreme 9-point locking system.
  • HANDLE - Connoisseur handle in a wide range of colours.
  • HINGE - Heavy duty Extreme hinge with anti-crowbar technology.
  • BOLTS - Dog bolts provide 360° stability.
Gold Windows & Doors Offer
Silver Window range with 10 year guarantee
  • FRAME - A+ Optima, British made, steel reinforced (if required).
  • STYLE - Extreme casement.
  • COLOUR - White.
  • GLASS - A rated glazing.
  • SECURITY - Made to the police-backed Secured by Design standard.
  • LOCK - Rail locking mechanism.
  • HANDLE - Connoisseur handle in a wide range of colours.
  • HINGE - Friction-stay hinge designed for long-lasting use.
Silver Windows & Doors Offer
Bronze Window range with 5 year guarantee
  • FRAME - British made multi-chamber bevelled profile.
  • STYLE - Extreme casement.
  • GLASS - C rated glazing.
  • COLOUR - White.
  • SECURITY - Supercedes current building and security regulations for installations.
  • LOCK - Durable Espagnolette lock with smooth operation and enhanced security.
  • HANDLE - Standard ergonomic handle in chrome or white.
  • HINGE - Friction-stay hinge designed for long-lasting use.
Bronze Windows & Doors Offer


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