Maximise the energy efficiency of your property.
Upgrade to triple glazing with no regrets…

There is very little visible difference in double glazed and triple glazed windows but triple glazing features an extra pane of glass. The cost of triple glazing was once unachievable for many homeowners in the North East, but it is now much more cost-effective, especially when you consider how it has the potential to reduce your energy bills.

If you live on or near a busy road, you may want to consider triple glazing as the third pane of glass will provide additional noise insulation, on top of its energy benefits. Whatever window design you choose, it will be made 60% more thermally efficient with triple glazing (compared with a standard C rated double glazed window).

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Save money and energy with triple glazed windows…

Compared with standard A-rated double glazing, triple glazing is 40% more efficient at retaining internal heat. Therefore, once installed, you can enjoy a warmer home with fewer draughts and cold spots, and you won’t need to overcompensate by constantly turning up your heating.

If you’re looking for a way to control your energy bills and make them more manageable, triple glazed windows from Budget Windows could be the solution. Many North East households are struggling with the cost of energy, making triple glazing a cost-effective, long-term solution.

Triple Glazing Windows
Say goodbye to extortionate energy bills…

During the lifespan of your triple glazed windows, you have the potential to pay for your new windows in saved heating costs. You will no longer need to depend on the rising cost of energy and can become more self-sufficient in reducing your carbon footprint.

While triple glazed windows do require an investment from you, you will soon see the value in upgrading your poorly insulating windows. Not only will you benefit from more disposable income each month, but you will be able to enjoy a warmer, more comfortable home, which will improve your quality of life.

Triple Glazing Windows
Keep your home warm and your heating bills low…

Triple glazing harnesses warmth from the sun at the same time as trapping internal heat inside, helping you to reduce your monthly energy outgoings. Triple glazed windows promise to keep your home comfortably warm during every season.

Another benefit of replacing your ageing windows with our energy efficient triple glazed windows is that you will be relying on fossil fuels less, creating a greener home. As you reduce your carbon footprint, you can feel good about the positive impact you are having on the planet.

Triple Glazing Windows
The extra pane of glass makes triple glazed windows even harder to break…

As you would logically expect, having three panes of glass within a window makes the glazing even stronger and more robust. The toughened glass provides an extra layer of security. Furthermore, at Budget Windows, we internally glaze all triple glazed windows so the windows are impossible to remove from the outside.

Coupled with the fact that multi-point locking systems are built into our triple glazed windows, we are confident you won’t find a more secure window anywhere else on the market.

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Bring your individual style to Budget Windows’ triple glazed windows with our many options of customisation. You will need to decide on the coloured finish, type of glazing (privacy or clear) and the perfect hardware.

A varied palette to satisfy everyone’s taste…

The most common finish for UPVC windows may be white, but that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out to a more modern colour for your windows. We have an assortment of trending finishes from Oak to Anthracite Grey. Whether you go classic or fashionable, we have no doubt you will find your ideal colour finish. Just speak to our team of advisors for guidance.

Our bold and beautiful aluminium finishes are resistant to fading…

To induce strong paint adhesions, our aluminium windows go through an 11-stage powder coating process to create a true and vibrant colour. This results in a finish that is fade and weather resistant. Our aluminium woodgrain finishes go through a similar process called sublimation. Not only does the process make our woodgrain finishes more durable and long-lasting, but it ensures the finishes realistically mimic timber.

Bringing privacy and style together…

Enjoy unobstructed views of the outdoors through our glazing. Our glass is easy to clean and maintain, in addition to being extremely tough and energy efficient. If you are unsure about the types of glass on offer at Budget Windows, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our friendly team.

Privacy Glazing – Ideal for bathrooms or windows that can be easily peered into, privacy is glazing is an option for our customers who choose either double glazed windows or triple glazed windows. Despite how it obscures the view into your property, a vast amount of light will still be able to make its way inside.

The perfect complementary handles…

The perfect windows deserve the perfect handles. Created by our talented craftspeople, we have a vast range of hardware, including both contemporary and traditional style handles that are easy to use.

To ensure your windows stay securely fastened when closed, there is a highly secure locking system built into all our windows.


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