If you are limited with space, we suggest you consider patio doors…

Patio doors are incredibly practical because they can fit into smaller spaces and allow you to place furniture in front of the doors. Minimal effort is required when opening and closing these space-saving doors, as they glide on stainless-steel runners. With a huge expanse of energy efficient glass as the main aspect of the design, the doors not only take up very little space but they make the space appear much larger. Our patio doors can be installed in a variety of sizes to fit the room.

Patio Doors

When working with our designers, you can choose from two or more panels which can be sliding or fixed. Each door comes with a locking system built in, so you can be sure they are secure when locked.

As you open your new patio doors, you will be blown away by the transformation, as it extends your home to the edge of your garden. Just imagine the summer parties you can host!

Patio Doors
Anthracite Grey Patio Doors


To create a beautiful transition between your home and garden, that’s also a feature within your space, opt for patio doors in your property. They will act as a barrier between two spaces, while seamlessly connecting the two. With a large glass area, you’ll be able to enjoy the view outdoors even when closed. Our patio doors can be as big or as small as you wish and they can even fit in the most compact of spaces, so if you don’t have a huge amount of space, patio doors could be the answer. You can also place furniture in front of the doors if needed.

To truly maximise the view, our aluminium patio doors do the trick…

Our aluminium patio doors are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly modern looking. The frames on our aluminium patio doors are slimmer than UPVC patio doors, so there is additional space for glass. This will maximise the view of your garden and invite more light inside. The additional glass will also create a feeling of spaciousness, which is great if you are choosing patio doors because your space is more compact.

The textured external side of the aluminium frame will successfully recreate the intricacy of timber. Once your chosen powder-coated finish has been applied, you’ll be able to witness a deep and vibrant shade.

Triple Track Patio Doors - Detail
Our powder coating process ensures our finishes are long-lasting…

By using an 11-stage powder coating process, we can create a true colour that is smooth to touch and stunning to the eye. If you are interested in our aluminium woodgrain finishes, you’ll be pleased to know that they go through a similar process called sublimation. Sublimation is responsible for ensuring our woodgrain finishes, such as Oak, Walnut and Rosewood, resemble the beauty of timber.

Many homeowners are drawn to UPVC’s durability and trouble-free care…

Our UPVC patio doors are extremely easy to clean and they are weather resistant too. Available in a number of stunning finishes, it’s understandable why so many homeowners in the North East are choosing UPVC for their chosen material. Furthermore, UPVC patio doors score high with thermal efficiency, so they are an excellent choice if you’re concerned about keeping the warmth indoors.

Patio Doors
Our UPVC products can be finished with a textured woodgrain or smooth surface colour…

When you choose UPVC, you won’t be restricted with the finish you select. By using a specialised paint application process we can match even the rarest of colours. You’ll also find plenty of inspiring colours in our standard UPVC range, such as Olive Grey, Anteak, Irish Oak and Chartwell Green.

Now for the fun part…

Most Budget Windows’ customers love any chance to personalise their new doors and choosing the handles is an important part of that.

We have an assortment of contemporary and traditional handles that are designed to complement our aluminium patio doors.


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