Improve the thermal efficiency and soundproof your home with Budget Windows’ double-glazed windows…
The perfect window starts with the right glazing…

Most homeowners would expect modern windows to be made with double glazing. Single glazed windows are poor at insulating homes, often causing draughts, and resulting in unnecessarily high energy bills.

Compared with single glazed windows, double glazed windows have an additional pane of glass which maximises the thermal efficiency of the windows. It also makes the windows stronger and more robust, providing you with an extra layer of security. With the potential to cut your heating bills, it is not surprising that so few homeowners turn down the option of double glazing.

White Leaded UPVC Windows
Increase the comfort of your home…

Our double-glazed windows will prevent heat from escaping from your home, making your home feel comfortably warm at all times. Moreover, the solar control glazing uses heat from the sun to further increase the warmth in your home. Whatever the weather and season, you should be able to enjoy a space that’s pleasantly warm and reasonably priced to heat.

Enjoy a clear view from your double-glazed windows with our low-iron glazing. If you are interested in increasing the privacy of certain rooms, we can include double glazed privacy glazing, available in a number of different patterns.

Cream UPVC Cottage Windows


The most popular material for double glazed windows is UPVC, mostly due to its durability and affordability. However, aluminium double-glazed windows are also a great option that is popular with homeowners in the North East.

Who said practical windows can’t be stylish?

The simple design of our casement windows lends itself well to every style of property, from modern homes to traditional ones. While the design may be simple, it can be easily customised to your liking, including adding advanced performance features and hardware. Just speak to our team of designers about your needs.

Our casement windows provide maximum protection from any outside threats, thanks to their highly engineered frames and toughened glazing. Covered under our 10-year guarantee, you will also receive a decade of peace of mind.

Grey UPVC Casement Windows
Allow fresh air to circulate your home with tilt and turn windows…

Our tilt and turn windows are favoured for their versatility. You can vary how wide you open them, increasing ventilation inside your home when needed. One turn of the handle will tilt the top part of the window inwards and one more turn will open the full window inwards. This should be reserved for when you need more airflow into your home or for cleaning purposes.

Furthermore, each tilt and turn window has a multi-point locking system built into the design with highly secure hinges.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows
Our bay and bow windows will add character internally and externally…

The curve of our bay and bow windows invite more natural light inside, creating a bright, spacious, and airy atmosphere within your home.

Bay and bow windows can be a real design feature in both modern and traditional homes. With multi-chambered frames and performance glazing, these unique windows will increase the energy efficiency and security of your property. The windows can be finished in numerous different colours and woodgrain effects to complement the other windows and doors in your property too.

Security, style, and thermal efficiency come together.

White UPVC Bay & Bow Windows
Cottage windows have been a constant throughout the centuries…

Cottage windows feature Georgian bar detailing, authentic to 18th and 19th Century style windows. Despite the windows channelling a traditional style, they have many contemporary performance features thanks to being manufactured from UPVC and aluminium.

Our designers can also include extra security features to provide you with additional peace of mind.

The Georgian era meets the 21st Century.

Grey UPVC Cottage Windows
For your UPVC windows, we have a huge collection of fade-resistant colour finishes…

The most common colour for windows is white and it’s likely it always will be, but if you are looking for a colour finish that you don’t see quite as often, Budget Windows can help. In addition to white and other classic colours, we also have a number of on-trend, unique finishes. The trending finishes include various shades of grey, green and woodgrains such as Irish Oak.

Sublimation is key to creating vibrant woodgrain finishes for aluminium windows…

To replicate the texture of timber, our woodgrain finishes such as Rosewood, Oak and Walnut, all benefit from a unique process called sublimation. For our standard colour finishes, they go through a similar 11-stage powder coating process to induce strong paint adhesions. Our high-quality finishes have been developed to last through the years without fading.

The Budget Windows team can advise on glazing…

The glass is incredibly important to the overall performance of the window and therefore the glazing you choose will make an impact on the visibility. Both privacy and clear glazing will ensure plenty of natural light passes through, to create a bright and inviting space.

Privacy Glazing – If you are looking for new windows in rooms like bathrooms, you may want to consider our range of privacy glazing, which is available in several patterns. It will obscure the view into your property without limiting natural light.


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