Create an elegant entranceway with our French doors…

French doors have a distinctive, recognisable style that includes glass panels. The glazing will welcome natural light into your home, creating a feeling of more space. You can choose to open one or both doors, benefiting from increased ventilation that’s especially important during the summer months. They can provide a convenient walkway into your outdoor garden or patio, however we can also place French doors between your property and a conservatory or orangery, seamlessly connecting your home to the extension.

UPVC French Doors

Developed with European homes in mind, French doors make a great addition to any and every home in the UK. The high proportion of glazing and convenient double opening, in addition to the classic design, are favoured by many homeowners. If you too would like our elegant French doors installed in your home, inquire with Budget Windows.

Oak UPVC French Doors
UPVC French Doors


French doors are perfect for connecting your home to your conservatory or orangery or your home to your garden. If you’re separating two rooms, the doors will separate the two distinct areas, allowing you to experiment with different decor and furniture. Placed between your home and outdoor area, French doors will give you quick and easy access to enjoy nature. Furthermore, the glass panels will welcome natural light into your home, so you can enjoy a more relaxing space.

Cost-effective and low-maintenance, ask us about our UPVC French doors…

There are many reasons why homeowners throughout the North East favour UPVC for their French doors. UPVC doors are simple to clean, durable and surprisingly affordable. They are also extremely energy efficient, so they can help you save money on your monthly outgoings from the moment they are installed in your property.

Grey UPVC Windows & French Door
Are you looking for a smooth surface finish or a textured woodgrain finish for your UPVC French doors?

From Rosewood to Olive Grey, we have a wide selection of finishes for you to choose from. Our classic UPVC finishes are created by using a specially developed paint application process. In addition to timeless favourites like Irish Oak, White and Cream, we also have trending finishes like Chartwell Green, Anteak and Hazy Grey.

For more slender French doors, choose aluminium…

Aluminium is a material that stands out for its inherent strength that can be moulded to be super slim, without losing any of its strength and durability. The slender frames look very elegant and they leave a large space for glazing, so plenty of sunlight will make its way into your home.

The contour of the external frame has such depth that it would be understandable to believe the French doors are made from timber, rather than aluminium.

Aluminium French Door
Ask us about our 11-stage powder coating process…

If you choose to go with our fade-resistant powder-coated finishes on our aluminium French doors, you’ll be able to enjoy their richness and vibrancy for years to come. We use an 11-stage powder coating process to achieve the long-lasting, high-quality finish. Our aluminium woodgrain finishes go through a similar process called sublimation to ensure they rival the beauty of timber, but surpass timber when it comes to durability and weather resistance.

Modern and traditional handles available…

Accessorising your French doors should be an enjoyable part of the process. We will help you choose the right handles to complement your French doors and overall style.

Whether you go for contemporary or classic, the handles will play a big part in finishing off the look you want to achieve.


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