Invite sunlight into your home with a replacement glass roof that won’t overheat in the summer months.
Feel the benefit of our solar-control glazing

Homeowners who have had a traditional polycarbonate roof or a glass roof for quite some time have found that their performance has not met their expectations.

Older conservatory roofs can be difficult to clean and they can also affect the energy efficiency of the space negatively. Budget Windows’ solar control glass roofs are thermally efficient, harnessing warmth from the sun when you need it most.

Our replacement roofs are weather-resistant, low-maintanence and very strong. We can even insall self-cleaning glass into the design if you wish.

Replacement Glass Roofs
Consider a modern glass roof from Budget Windows…

A glass roof looks beautifully modern and it can even make your space appear larger than it is due to the natural light it will welcome inside. Once installed, you will be able to kick back in a space that has been perfectly designed for relaxation.

With temperature-controlled technology built in, you’ll never be forced out of your living space because of a spell of bad weather.

Replacement Glass Roofs
Budget Windows’s ‘Intelligent’ glass roofs create a room for every kind of weather...

Plain Glass Roof – Our plain glass roofs are the traditional option. Once installed, it will create a space full of natural light, making the most of the sunshine every day. Due to our solar control glazing, you will never worry about being too hot or too cold in your conservatory again. The glazing harnesses warmth from the sun in the winter yet manages to prevent the space from overheating in the summer. You’ll also be able to enjoy magnificent views of the sky above. If you believe in comfort, like we do, ask us about our replacement glass roofs.

Blue Coloured Glass Roof – Create a cool ambience in your conservatory with our blue-tinted glass replacement roof. The blue glazing will act as a filter on the sky, making it appear even more vibrant.


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A professional fitting process

Budget Windows can take care of your poorly-insulating roof in no time at all. You can expect a smooth and professional experience when you choose us.

Our team of experienced installers are exceptionally well-trained in fitting roofs and they comply with our code of conduct and guidelines at all times.

Glass Roof Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory

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